Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Tex-Mex Meal

After our recent visit to the Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Patch I had an acorn squash and local salsa that I wanted to use in a meal. After searching the web I found this great recipe for Acorn Squash Quesadillas on Smitten Kitchen's website. I changed it up a bit and added roasted red peppers along with the poblano peppers. I also served it "fajita" style instead of making quesadillas.

What a great fall recipe and my hubby loved it as well! Anyone else have a favorite fall recipe to share?


A + S said...

Mmm Sounds good Christine. I wish i had some "fall" recipes to share-but it's not really fall down here :( I do love a good pot roast in the crock-pot though-at least then it smells like fall.

Christine Wilson said...

Hey Steph! fall, do you miss it? How are things going in Florida? Are you still looking to move? Miss you! XO