Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Trip to Michigan

We just got home from a fabulous time with my family in Michigan. It was so fun to play in the snow and see the water. It actually felt like winter as compared to the warm weather we've been having in Colorado. I love spending time with family and only wish we could all be together more often.
 I thought this picture of Kim and her fiance Noah was really cute. I can't wait for their wedding in May.
 It was so nice to run with Lisa, my Dad, and Shane, as well as enjoy a change in scenery.
 We took this pic right before the whole family headed out for a loop in the State Park on our cross country skis. I hadn't been on mine since last year. It definitely has me excited to get out in Colorado and use them.
 Ludington State Park
We walked downtown one afternoon and Shane did a great job of snapping these shots of some of the buildings. This is a little art gallery.
 Our local coffee house Redolencia has amazing coffee that is served fresh in a french press every time. We always seem to make it there when we are home. It's hard to resist the cozy atmosphere and cool vibe!

All in all it was a super relaxing trip. I am so thankful for family, rest and beautiful places. Some highlights included watching my Mom and Dad play their new Wii (I think my belly hurt from laughing so hard), a snowy run along the lake and out to the lighthouse, and cross country skiing at night.  I really, truly just loved all being together and can't wait until next time!

More pictures to come...