Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Is New

We are officially as settled as settled gets for living in an apartment with a month to month lease, one entire bedroom stashed floor to ceiling with boxes, a porch overflowing with bikes and hopes of finding a new place to call home!! I'm not sure how long we will be here, so for now I am trying to live simply. Simply meaning with "less stuff," as well as simply embracing each day and where the Lord has us now. After living on Button Rock for 3 years, by far the longest time I have lived in any one place for quite some time, we are in a new place. In many ways it is a surprisingly refreshing change.  Although only a 10 minutes drive from where we were....all is new. I am soaking up the pastel painted evening skies from my living room window. A short walk away, wrinkled golden leaves frame a new portrait of the rocky range before me. Zipping my fleece tightly around my neck as I prepared to scrape the unwelcome frost from my car window this morning, I wondered in giddy excitement what this next season holds.

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