Friday, October 16, 2009

Europe Part Zwei

After almost 10 hours on various trains, we made it from Lauterbrunnen Switzerland to Salzburg Austria last night. Our first night stay was not the best choice. We stayed in a womens university dorm that rented rooms like a hostel. So, we left this morning and found a much nicer place just down the cobblestone streets.

We spent the day touring the city of Salzburg. It is bitterly cold, which has Christine itching to head for the warmer climate of Italy. Not just yet though. We are planning to catch an early train to Vienna tomorrow morning and spend half the day there. Then we are heading on the night train to Venice.

The tenative plan is to stay a night in Venice then head to Zermatt Switzerland for a relaxing couple of days, then to Vernazza Italy to end our trip. As you can see, the trip is somewhat dynamic, as we are changing plans daily. One thing is for sure and that is ending our trip in the cinque terre region on Italy, as we have reservations.

Europe as a whole is quite different from the states. We are also quite jealous, as it seems that most all people we encounter speak a number of languages, including English. There is little reason to try speaking German, but we are giving it our best shot anyway. We have a lot of catching up to do, as far as learning new languages.

Well, that is about it for now. I am currently on an ancient computer (maybe the first laptop ever made) and the Y and Z keys are reversed. It is absolutely driving me crazy.

Peace to everyone that reads this. We cannot wait to share more pictures and stories soon. Until then, take care.

Shane and Christine

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