Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Europe: Part Ein

Just wanted to throw a quick update to everyone that's checking our blog to ensure we're doing well in Europe. After an unexpected 24 hour delay in Charlotte, NC we made it to Switzerland. We took a quick train from Zurich to Lauterbrunnen and things have been awesome (with the exception of my wife just correcting my grammar as I'm typing this). It's a little harder than I expected adjusting to the time change. We spent our first day hiking about 20 km. The mountains here are even more dramatic than I expected. We're staying at approximately 800 km above sea level and the highest peak is over 4000 km. We're hitting the mountains again today and probably heading to Zermatt, Switzerland tomorrow. I'll continue posting as we get an opportunity, but we're not sure when that will be. After Zermatt, the plan is to head to Salzburg, Austria.

Peace to everyone that reads this.

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A + S said...

ya!!! I thought that's where you two were. Take good note for us-we'll be there in January! Have a great time.