Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family Month

Last month we got to spend a lot of time with our families, considering they all live out of state except for my sister Kim. The first weekend in May Kim and I flew to Dallas visit our sister Lisa. Lisa and her husband Nick moved to Dallas last fall so we decided it was time to check out Dallas and have a sister weekend. We had a blast just being together...it seems so rare these days. The weather was hot and rainy, but we still got out and did a lot of walking on some local paths. I think the highlight of the trip was trying to learn the dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" song. We played it over and over on youtube! I love being with my sisters because we are silly and laugh a lot. Our Dallas trip was followed by a visit from my parents and then a trip to Alabama to see Shane's family. I'll have to do another post for those trips but here are a few Dallas pics.....

Shopping...way more fun with sisters!!

Kim, me, and Lisa.

It's the little things like making dinner together that I miss doing with my sisters.

Headed out for a walk...we grew up taking walks to the beach, out on the pier, and around our little town!


Stephanie said...

oh talk about walks...We drove by your house this week and i showed Adam and he said man they must have spent all their time at the beach, they could walk!

Scott said...

It is so wonderful to see you girls all together...I'm jealous...we will have to plan a chick trip!! love , MOMxoxo