Thursday, November 13, 2008

Community Group

Thursday nights Shane and I host a community group at our house. There are between 10 and 12 of us that started getting together about a month ago. I love hosting...but often times don't find it easy to have people over. We live in Longmont about 25 minutes from Boulder where we go to church. It seems that Boulder is the center of most everything, but rarely do you find young people who own homes and live in Boulder. It is ridiculously expensive. The "Longmont community group" or ELomoCo and Shane calls it, that we are hosting consists of people that live in our area of town. It is an eclectic mix....our pastor and his wife, a wise and spirited couple in their 60's who have been French missionaries, young singles, married with children and us. Instead of doing a study, we've decided to start off by sharing our stories. It has been amazing to hear a few of the stories so far. Everyone has a story....ask and you'll learn.

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