Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feeling better

Miss M had her first fever two weeks ago! Poor little one ran a fever for four days. I am so thankful that she has been such a healthy girl. Her fever wasn't extremely high, but we sure missed seeing her usual silly self. She is back on the move, which makes it difficult to get a good picture. Here are a few from the past two weeks.

A few of our favorite things to do are look for the neighbor cats and walk/run anywhere outside. We usually take a daily walk to the mailbox. It is only a half a block away, but ends up taking at least 30 minutes because we pick up leaves and rocks, sniff flowers and play with the doors on the mailboxes. Maddie is getting fast and does this funny little thing where when she gets going she swings her left arm back and forth really quickly. So cute!

These pictures aren't great, but they are things we've been working on a lot; blowing kisses and waving, both of which she loves to do. Every morning when she wakes up she waves to the owl mobile in her room and the owl pictures on her wall. We have been going to story-time and on Friday she stood in front of an 8 month old baby quickly waving her had back and forth saying, "hi, hi, hi." We all had to giggle! She loves to blow and give kisses (she puts her hand up to her mouth or face up to her doll). Every time we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear she puts her face up to the page with the teacher on it to give her a kiss. She is imitating so many sounds and words now....some of the latest are bubble, door, hot, zipper, all done, towel, pillow and please. It is amazing the little things she picks up on! We love you Maddie.

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