Saturday, September 4, 2010

Peru - Cusco

This will be our last post before returning home to the states.  Christine and I arrived in Cusco yesterday, after our private taxi/tour through a few of the remaining sites in the Sacred Valley on our way to the big city.  We toured a site of Inka experimental farming as well as a place where salt ponds have been made to allow water to evaporate, leaving the salt behind.  The pictures say it all, and we´ll post soon after returning home. 

We toured around the city yesterday afternoon.  I was definitely surprised by Cusco, as least the area we´re in.  There are some beautiful old buildings and a very vibrant atmosphere.  We took tons of pictures through the city streets, trying to capture the essence of Cusco.  After a quick shower and putting the last of our clean clothes on, we headed to Los Perros Couch & Wine Bar.  It almost seemed as if this place was plucked from New York City or San Francisco and placed in the middle of Peru.  We lounged on sofas, read American magazines (we´re definitely getting into the Peruvian culture!!!), and ate amazing food.  You probably won´t believe me, but I think I had the best burger of my life there.  Other than being huge (we were starving from the day with only a Cliff Bar and some nuts we bought from a street vendor), it was bursting with flavor.  We also had terrific wontons with various dipping sauces and Christine had a vegitarian stir-fry.  We ended the night having fun and interesting conversation with a couple from LA who was on their first day of a year of traveling.  They bought an around the world plan ticket and will be spending their first 3 months in South America.  Of course, it had Christine and I talking about our own lives, as most every conversation here in Peru has. 

We slept in today, this being the only day we haven´t set an alarm....something Christine lobbies occasionally.  We had breakfast at the hostal then headed to visit museums throughout the city.  We had lunch at Jack´s Cafe, with great coffee, coca tea, french toast, and soup.  Now, we´re about the head to yoga.  Yes, can you believe it? My first time taking yoga will be in Peru! After discussing how stiff and tight our bodies feel from not running, biking, or any of the other activities we typically take part in, we ended up behind a yoga instructor at the cafe.  She told us she had a 3 PM class and we were happy to join.

We fly to Lima tomorrow, then home via Miami on Monday, arriving in Denver around 8 PM.  We look forward to catching up with everyone in the coming days.  Until then, take care.

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