Monday, February 8, 2010


I am horrible about posting lately! It seems that our weekends have been filled with visitors and trips to the mountains since the holidays, which has not left Shane and I much time to slow down and rest. Although I am not working anywhere close to a 40 hour work week these days, I manage to fill up my weekdays with everything imaginable...from a challenging 6 mile run (pretty good for a former dancer who would only run a mile due to the fact that it would make my legs tight!) with my friend Jamee, to meeting and working with a designer to create a logo for my new business, reorganizing files for the new year, experimenting with new recipes (My latest favorite being homemade granola. I hope to try baking some sweet potato chips this week thanks to my friend Kristin!) and the not so fun never-ending duties of laundry and house cleaning. Today, I finally imported the pictures that were on my camera from Christmas to the computer. Little did I know how refreshing it would be to sit down, flip through pictures on iphoto, reflect and write a few words to whomever might read this blog. I wonder why is it so hard to sit down at times and just relax? Any thoughts? Well, here are a few snippets from the last month. Enjoy!
My Mom and Dad along with his office staff were out here a couple weekends ago for a dental convention in Denver. Shane and I had them over to our house a few times for dinner. We had a yummy breakfast one morning at the tea house in Boulder.

Cameran and Drew visiting from Indy!
While in Michigan with my family I convinced everyone (my sister, her husband Nick, Kim and her boyfriend Noah) to try out cross country skiing on our State Park trails! After a bit of hesitation I think that everyone ended up having a great time! We stopped along the beach afterward to take some pictures.
Lake Michigan
Nick and Lisa, taking one for the team. They were such troopers, after living in Dallas for a year, they are definitely tending towards warmer weather activities!
Nick, Noah, and I excited to hit the trail!
Yes, this is my moms cross country ski gear from who knows what decade. I loved the gaters and the wool knickers! She even let me take them back to Colorado with me.
Dad and Kim, enjoying the Christmas carols.
Nick's family came up to my parents house, along with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike. I think we had about 18 people there. His family is very musically gifted as compared to the not so musical "Sitler" family. We enjoyed listening to them play the piano and sing. It was such a great time for everyone!

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I read your blog :) Glad to hear you're still doing great and keeping busy!! Love ya!