Sunday, September 28, 2008

Picture Rock Mtn Biking

Christine and I decided to enjoy our Sunday with a Mountain Bike ride on the new Picture Rock Trail. The trail just opened last week so there were plenty of riders that had the same thoughts as we did. We enjoyed the ascent on the winding singletrack, with a view of Steamboat Mtn in the background (I think). Just as we were nearing the spot where we decided to turn around, Christine had a hard fall over a rock and tumbled down the hillside. She walked away with plenty of scratches and bruises, but she did walk away and that was the critical part. We rested a bit, cleaned her war-wounds and snapped a couple pictures.

We took our time on the descent, talking about mountain bike skills. Christine wanted to know all about technique as I replied, "just go faster!"

The day brought about many questions for us; why is that we want to compliment each other in a marriage, yet our differences can be a huge obstacle in our path? We've found that often times it's the thing(s) you love most about people that seem to cause the most conflict. For example, Christine loves my spontaneity, but taking her out on a date without a plan can sometime be frustrating. Interesting stuff, aye?

The thing I found that helps the most is communication!! The more Christine and I can talk about our frustrations as well as our needs, the better we become at striking the balance that we are searching so hard for.


Brad said...

Okay ---- the blog thing, cool as heck and the Mt. Bike thing, I envy yall...Good to see both of you and hopefuly we'll all catch a ride together in before we are too old to pedal!


linzlou82 said...

Hope Christines healing well! Marriage is a funny thing isn't it? We look forward to hanging out with you guys soon!